"Taking It To A Higher Level"

Note: a 4th location has been added!!!

Last year the event had 9 bands and over 500 in attendance. This year they are connecting 4 churches together and hope to share Christ to 1000 people on New Year's Eve. The event runs from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am and the doors open at 6:00 PM on December 31st. It is a lock-in so youth (6th grade and up) must stay until 6:00 AM. The cost is just $6 for the whole evening, and bands will be able to sell their CDs if they choose.


First Baptist Church of Lake St. Louis
2230 Lake St. Louis Blvd.
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
(45 minutes west of the Arch & 95 minutes east of Columbia)

Faith Christian Fellowship
1700 WS Service Road
Wright City, MO 63390
(30 minutes west of FBC/LSL & 65 minutes east of Columbia)

Carlinville Southern Baptist Church
19453 Hurricane Drive
Carlinville, IL 62626
(60 minutes north of the Arch & 35 minutes south of Springfield, IL)

Elsberry United Methodist
109 N. 4th Street
Elsberry, MO 63343
(Take Hwy 61 past Troy to Hwy B. Go right on Hwy B, which becomes the main street of Elsberry. Take a left on 4th street.)

Tentative Schedule:

6:45   Al & the Argentinian
7:30   Tina Osborn
8:30   Dare 2 Dream
9:45   Max Power
11:30   Water Walkers
2:30   More Than Me
3:30   Down Magnolia
4:30   Next Yesterday
5:30   Various Artists

7:00   Perfect Xistance
8:00   Joe Harrington
9:00   Messenger
10:00   The Understood
11:30   Impact
2:00   Max Power
3:30   Dead End Kids
4:30   Chiggers
5:30   U Turn

7:00   Forever & a Day
8:00   Kathy Albert
9:00   Smashing Watermelons
10:00   Something Worth Knowing
11:30   Blake Loy
2:30   23rd Hour
3:30   Longing for Providence
4:45   Smashing Watermelons

7:00   OUB12
8:00   Next Yesterday
9:00   No Such Monster
10:00   Dead End Kids
11:30   Opal Offering
2:30   Joe Harrington
3:30   The Gentlemen
4:45   Perfect Xistance

Additional Activities (events may vary by location):

Nerfball War
Outdoor Football
Video Games
Lazer Tag

Board Games
3 on 3 Tourney
Floor Hockey
Oil Sledding
Ice Sledding

Inflatable Moonwalk
Bible Studies
Challenging Preaching
Tons of Food
and others to be added.

For more info contact:

Tom Papez
Home: (636) 327-7241     Church: (636) 581-8476
Email: tompapez (at)

And here's the flyer: