Euphonon Company Strings

P.O. Box 100
Orford, NH 03777
Toll Free 888-517-4678

Euphonon Co. supplies first quality strings from major American manufacturers. They are the same strings you buy in music stores (at many times the price!). By shipping in bulk, without the fancy labels and packaging, we are able to sell these strings at the lowest possible prices. If you are a professional musician, repairman, or even someone who uses only a set a month, you can enjoy substantial savings on your string bill.

If you find that our regularly listed sets do not fit your requirements, you may assemble your own custom gauge sets from the list of individual strings (i.e. pick any stock gauge 1st, and stock 2nd, etc. to make your set. If you do this you must use the individual string price list.)

Prices shown DO NOT include shipping charges. Please add SHIPPING CHARGES as shown in the table. Dozen and Half-dozen prices are for ONE type and gauge string. If you order 6 light and 6 medium sets, for instance, they are priced as two half-dozens, not one dozen.

Special discounts are available on orders of 72 or more sets or singles of ONE KIND of string. Call us for a quote.

MINIMUM ORDER $8.00 worth of merchandise.

Euphonon strings are sent in large diameter coils, which we feel maintains the full potential of the strings, as compared to the small coils in prepackaged strings. If you wish your strings sent in straight lengths add $3.00 per order.

Note: this site was not actually set up by Euphonon Company Strings. As they did not have a web site, the sales brochure was converted to these web pages as a personal learning excercise and a public service. Please call them directly for current pricing (updated July 2017).